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Drop Off and Pick up procedures

  • Drop off is from 8:00-8:25am

  • Pick up slots are 3:35-3:45, 4:50-5:00, 5:05-5:15, 5:15-5:30. Sign up for your slots here!

  • If you come during your chosen slot, no need to text! We will bring your child out during that time slot.

  • If you need to come at a different time than your chosen slot, please follow the texting procedure below. We will do our best to accommodate requests ASAP, but there may be a bit of a delay.

Texting Procedure and Phone Number

When you are on your way, please text 650-636-7214 with your pick up ETA & name of your child. Please text us a second time when you arrive and we will bring your child to you. 

Absence/ Early pick up/ Late arrival

  • Email your child's teacher with the details if your child will be absent, picked up early, or arriving late.

English with Spanish Infusion - Zeda


Spanish Immersion - Diego



Teacher contact information

Most questions about your child should be directed to their lead teacher. However, we encourage you to communicate openly with both teachers in your child's classroom. 

English with Spanish Infusion

Zeda - Founding and Lead Teacher zeda@missionmontessori.org

Paula - Assistant Teacher and Spanish Education Design  paula@missionmontessori.org

Spanish Immersion

Diego - Lead Teacher                                    diego@missionmontessori.org

Maria - Assistant Teacher                                maria@missionmontessori.org


Who do i email? 

As our staff grows, we are able to distribute responsibilities among more people. Here is your guide on whom to email in common situations:

You are also welcome to call us at 415-890-4831.

  • Pari - Founder and Head of School     pari@missionmontessori.org

    • Future plans for Mission Montessori

    • Financial aid or tuition questions

    • Billing questions

  • Dwiveck - School Coordinator dwiveck@missionmontessori.org

    • After-School program questions

    • Recess, PE, music questions

    • Field trip questions

  • Jesse - Interim Director of Admissions jesse@missionmontessori.org

    • Admissions or enrollment questions

  • Mission Montessori Parents list-serv address: missionmontessorisf@googlegroups.com










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We share a lot of information on our private Facebook community page. If you have not been added, please contact Sami.