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We have watched our daughter flourish these last two years. Montessori is the only approach that is both child-centered *and* structured for strong academics. There is such thoughtfulness and principled thinking behind every aspect of the classroom culture and curriculum—it’s an approach without parallel.”

- Doug & Carrie Peltz

At Mission Montessori, we prepare children to go anywhere. Anywhere their interests, dreams and passions take them. 

  • We teach them math, science and language so they can thrive anywhere academically.

  • Mission Montessori's language program is designed to develop your child's love of reading and writing.

  • We encourage independence, self-direction and critical reasoning so they have the tools to make good decisions anywhere their life takes them.

  • We teach collaboration, cooperation and peace because we know our children can be agents of change anywhere they go in the world.

  • We have an optional Spanish immersion track for students who want to be fluent in Spanish.

We currently have students up to 4th grade and will expand each year through 8th grade.

“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”

- Maria Montessori


The Great Lessons

Your child will learn answers to questions, such as:

How was the Earth formed?

Where did human beings come from?

Who invented writing?

If a student, after hearing about the properties of solids, liquids, and gasses in the First Great Lesson, becomes so excited about the topic that they want to research and perform relevant science experiments, the Montessori classroom gives them the space and support to do just that.



Mission Montessori’s language program is designed to develop a student’s lifelong love of reading and writing.


Word Study



Kinesthetic Learning

Two ways in which Montessori’s approach to language skills is unique are its incorporation of holistic, kinesthetic learning techniques, and its emphasis on practical, real-world applications.


Your child will learn about scientific topics including, but not limited to:



Physical Science

Earth Science

The Scientific Method

And more!

In the Montessori classroom, students don’t just learn about science, they themselves become young scientists.


The Montessori approach to mathematics is truly unique, which results in your child gaining practical experience with concrete math materials.

Basic Arithmetic

Multiples & Factors


Measurement (Including time & money)

Problem Solving

Like the language program, math is integrated throughout the curriculum.

The Spanish Immersion Program

The Spanish Immersion program is an opt-in choice for students who wish to develop fluency in two languages.

Prepares your child for mastery of other languages

Study of Spanish cultures



Moreover, developing fluency in another language fosters the following attributes:

Strong Thinking


Communication Skills

Heightened Empathy

Priority is given to students who are fluent in Spanish already, or who were previously in a Spanish immersion program.

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We are thrilled to have a true Montessori Elementary for our child within the City, especially one with excellent art and science enrichment beyond the classroom. As our son’s first year in the school has demonstrated, a real Montessori setting is unparalleled at creating motivated, intelligent, thoughtful individuals who love to learn. His progress, projects and initiatives this year have been inspiring to watch. His delight in attending school, including every after-school program, is palpable. He hates to miss even an hour of school, or after-school programs, for any reason. The teachers are wonderful, and all the children endlessly impress us with their ideas, capabilities, and kindness. The community has also been a wonderful addition to our lives. We can’t wait till next year when our daughter can join as well.

We are committed to providing a full K-8 Montessori education to our children, and could not be more happy with our decision to enroll them at Mission Montessori!

— Brent & Rose Martin

Located at 50 Fell St

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